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June 12 - Exterior brick work almost done. There will be some new window installation in the studio when the brick work is done. Also, limited availability this month. This is mostly affecting weekends, but in turn the weekdays have been filling up fast. Convergence of good things - archery shoot at our club, family wedding, and my annual Tolkien conference - now Mythmoot V! And then of course 4th of July. Availability should open up to usual mid July. Thanks for understanding.

We do not have firm dates from the landlord as to when this will take place other than the work will continue this month (and probably next). My standard policies apply - I hope to not have to reschedule anyone, and will not penalize anyone who is not satisfied with the atmosphere on any day. Wish I had more control, but then I wish that about many things wink. Please bear with us some more!

And now sales tax - massage is sales taxable in the state of Minnesota and up until now I have just included it in my base price. At this point I need to separate this out due to 1099s and other things getting very complicated. This will change at the end of March 2018. There is an exemption from some sales taxes on massage therapy - per the Minnesota Department of Revenue website -  "The massage is not taxable if a customer has a written referral from a licensed health professional stating the massage is for the treatment of illness, injury, or disease." . If you would like to have an exemption from sales tax on your massage, I will need a referral from your doctor, chiropractor or state licensed health professional.  You can get more information on this at the Minnesota Department of Revenue website here -  Mn Dept of Revenue on Massage, Sales Tax. Generally if your chiropractor or doctor has recommended you see me in the past, they are aware of this type of referral and can create one for you. Thanks again for your understanding. Be well! - Rebecca Smith CMT



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Rebecca Smith CMT provides quality, individualized, deep tissue massage in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Flourish Pilates Studio.

Deep tissue massage should be deeply relaxing and restorative, not an experience you have to endure to receive benefits. Come experience a different kind of massage that addresses your issues and concerns and allows you to continue the activities you enjoy!


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